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Lanyard - Handmade

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Handmade from authentic Louis Vuitton canvas. 

Gold hardware.

Approximately 33-34 inches long.  Diamond/Circle pattern approx. 1 inches wide.  Flower pattern approx 1/2 inches wide (Patterns can be cut off on the side).  Raw canvas used. Edges have been protected with edge coat.  

* This product(s) is made from upcycled/repurposed authentic Louis Vuitton canvas. The full pattern (Diamond/Circle/Flower) might not be shown and cut off in some areas especially on "flower" pattern. The canvas is the only item that is made from authentic Louis Vuitton canvas.  The item(s) listed is not a product manufactured by the company Louis Vuitton including any charms. No piece is exactly the same regarding cut.  Cannot guarantee each symbol will be exactly in the middle.  Remember this is handmade so there can be minor flaws which makes it unique.  I have no affiliation with the Louis Vuitton.

When purchasing any of the handmade Upcycled items you are purchasing the time and labor to create the piece which means you are not purchasing/buying the authentic Louis Vuitton canvas. The canvas is given free with the purchase of the labor and time it took to create the unique piece. We do NOT sell the authentic Louis Vuitton canvas that came from a vintage used handbag or garment bag.