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LV -  I-band Apple Watch Handmade with Connector

LV - I-band Apple Watch Handmade with Connector

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Handmade from authentic Louis Vuitton canvas.

  • I-watch Apple band 38, 40, 42 or 44 mm band size made from Authentic Louis Vuitton Piognet (luggage tags belt/buckle) and monogram canvas sewn and glued. Every part of this handmade band uses all authentic LV material except the watch connectors.  The buckle itself is authentic in gold (may have tarnish but can be polished).
  • Band is approximately 1.25 wide.  Watch band with watch connected is approximately 9 inches in length with last hole/buckle at 8 inches.
  • CONNECTORS:  Pick size and color of the connector.  Connectors do NOT come assembled to the watch band.  Assembly is required by customer.  Written and picture instructions are included along with screw driver.  Customer is responsible to correctly assemble connector to watch band. Seller holds NO responsible if connector is improperly connected.
  • The connectors can be changed out for different size by the customer if they choose.  Connectors are NOT guaranteed nor returnable.  You can purchase other connectors off Amazon.  Watch band also available for $130 without connector. 
  • Do not get watch band wet as it will be damaged and/or stained. 
  • This product(s) is made from upcycled/repurposed authentic Louis Vuitton canvas and poignet. The canvas and poignet is the only item that is made from authentic Louis Vuitton canvas.  The item(s) listed is not a product manufactured by the company Louis Vuitton including any charms.No piece is exactly the same regarding cut.  Remember this is handmade so there can be minor flaws which makes it unique.  I have no affiliation with the Louis Vuitton.
  • When purchasing any of the handmade Upcycled items you are purchasing the time and labor to create the piece which means you are not purchasing/buying the authentic Louis Vuitton canvas. The canvas is given free with the purchase of the labor and time it took to create the unique piece. We do NOT sell the authentic Louis Vuitton canvas that came from a vintage used handbag or garment bag.  

Instructions to attach connectors.  Pictures in description.

Please note the direction of the adapter when installed, if the installation is in error the band will cause slide correctly into the watch or possibly fall off the watch.  The side with a silver button must be facing the wrist (back side of the watch band.  Keep one side with the “L” shape connected to main part (this screw will need to be loosened a little bit).  Push in the other “L” shape part into the watch band loop and connect by sliding it into the opposite end “L” shape part.  Apply the screw on top and tighten.  You should feel the connector tighten and strengthen when doing this action.  Then tighten the opposite screw.  Make sure to tighten the screws on your connector once in a while as they can come loose with switching out bands and daily use.  Keep the screwdriver  provided for future use.  We the (seller) are not help responsible for the installation of the connector nor it is returnable for misuse or improper connection.  The connector has no attachment to the sell or request of return of the handmade watch band nor does problems with the connector fall under guidelines to return. 

***Do not get the watch band wet as liquid will discolor the “leather” on the Poignet.